Feeling stuck?

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7,800 mornings

Most of us wakes up 7,800+ times over our work life (52 weeks x 5 workdays/week x 30 years).

How do you usually feel about work each morning? What if you can feel energized and motivated, as if you are living in your best self?

With a strong belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling career, I am committed to helping you find hope and get unstuck, by overcoming your career challenges and advancing your career.

Possiful takes a Hope Coaching approach. It synergizes the beauty of coaching and an experience-based consultative approach. In this “coachsulting” journey, it’s all about you and your success.

The Possiful Philosophy

“Possiful” means “full of possibilities”, which is what “career” (and “life”) is actually about. 

How many hours do you work on a normal day? How many hours do you spend with your family? Most of us spend more time at work than with our family. Therefore I believe everyone deserves a fulfilling career. Yet, often we are so stuck and busy with what’s on hand right now and have no time to hope for what we want.

In this ever changing world, there are unlimited things that we do not even know of their existence (you don’t know what you don’t know). I am here to help you discover your unseen possibilities and overcome your career challenges, with what I call “Hope Coaching”.

What is Hope Coaching?

Hope Coaching is a possibility driven process that is full of new discoveries. It starts with a self reflection of your career and life, and thereby bring awareness to your resources and experiences. Throughout the process, you will develop self confidence, discover opportunities, and be motivated to create positive change in both your professional and personal life.

The goal is to enable and empower you to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Discover what’s (really) out there – possibilities and opportunities
  • Embrace the reality
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Say goodbye to Monday blues
  • Gain more confidence in excelling your career and/or job search
  • Make more meaningful connections

Reimagine the possible (and impossible), get unstuck and move forward. RIGHT NOW.


“The 3 career coaching sessions with Winnie were very helpful and insightful. In our first session, Winnie helped me solve my frustrations in making career decisions. I realized I have the ability to do different things at different life stages. I also set a clear goal and became more excited about my career. I came to the second session with an anxiety about my time management. To my surprise, we ended the session with me feeling relieved and confident. In our third session, I learnt to take a longer term view over the challenges I was facing and let go of the struggles that was bothering me. I am grateful to have her as my ‘ferryman’ to help me navigate to where I want to be.”  – Yuxin L.

“I was struggling with my career planning but I wasn’t clear about what the real issues were. Through coaching with Winnie, I got to understand much deeper about my self identity and what I really want. It was an interlace of the logical and emotional sides of me. I have also developed a wider horizon and have found a direction for my future. Thank you Winnie for your professional yet benign coaching.”  – Yuxuan C.

About Winnie

I am a bilingual (Chinese and English) certified coach based in Hong Kong.

During the past decade, I have switched across 5 different roles in 4 industries. Started out as a freelance translator, I turned into a marketer at a Fortune 500 company. I then transformed myself into a corporate banker and eventually became a headhunter for the largest independent financial services search firm in Asia. A few years in, I gave up a promotion to move into a managerial role at a global professional services firm, without having directly relevant experience. Outside of work, I am part of the leadership team of a think tank that engages working professionals and students into policymaking and research.

As a coach, I am dedicated to help early to mid career professionals find possibility, explore new paths and excel in their career.